The fastest and easiest way to serve your customers

Give your customers an easier way to order

Carryout Orders

Carryout customers can place carryout orders in seconds!

One text and their order is placed! 

Regulars can copy and paste their order day after day, week after week. 

Now that's how you gain loyalty!

Delivery Orders

Delivery customers simply text their order and address. That's it!

No downloading apps. No logging into a website. 

No reading credit card numbers over the phone!

Now that's giving your customers something to talk about!

Why it Works

Attract New Customers!

EVERYONE likes to text message. Attract new customers by offering the easiest way to order in town. 

Use Your Existing Number!

TextRestaurants can enable your existing phone number for text messaging. So your customers can start texting the number they already know. 

Save Time!

Don't let phone orders bog your staff down during busy hours. Taking text orders allows you to serve multiple customers at once, without putting anyone on hold. 

See Repeat Business Sky Rocket!

80% of customers who try text-ordering start to order more often. Because it's easy, fast and doesn't require downloading an app or logging into a website. 

Compatible with Star Micronics Receipt Printers

The TextRestaurants Point of Sale is seamlessly compatible with the best receipt printers in the market, Star Micronics

Compatible with any POS

Like your existing POS? No need to change. TextRestaurants is compatible with every POS in the market. 

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