Boost sales by 10-15%... save $1,000s in order processing fees


Text Orders cost a fraction of what the online sites are charging.
Save $500 -$2,000 per month just by offering text ordering to your existing customers.


Text orders take 50% less time to handle than phone orders and allow you to serve dozens of customers at once without confusion or error.


In 2017, the number of restaurants offering text ordering will remain below 20%. Those restaurants that jump in will see sales skyrocket as customers flock to use the simplest (and coolest) way to order food.


Nobody likes to download apps or sign-in to websites anymore. EVERYBODY likes to text. Text ordering will get your customers ordering more often and more importantly, telling all of their friends about your business.


With our simple-to- use Tablet, restaurants can take text orders, confirm details and generate a payment link with just a few clicks.

Customer texts your restaurant with an order

Hi this is Sue. I would like to order a large pizza with mushrooms and a small greek salad. For delivery please, to 555 S Main St.

Restaurant greets customer w/ “One-Click” messages

Thanks for texting Bob’s Diner, home of the world’s best pizza.

Would you like anything else with that?

Will you be paying Cash or Credit?

Customer provides remaining order details

I’ll add a small coke and will pay with credit please

Restaurant sends complete order summary and secure payment link with just a few clicks

Order Summary:
1 Large Pizza
- Plus Mushrooms
1 Small Greek Salad
1 Small Coke

For delivery to:
555 S Main St
Chicago, IL 61625

Total with tax and fees
will be $26.35.

Please click here to pay

Once payment is received, restaurant can start cooking the order.

Thanks you! Your delivery should arrive in 30-40 mins.
Thank you!
LOVE you! : )
Text (734)730-2552 for a free trial (734)730-2552